Million Zaps is a rapidly growing and one of the most progressive learning platforms in the nation. It is conceptualised with the objective of enhancing the knowledge of its participants in a fun-filled way. Million Zaps enables users to improve and become proficient in language, numerical, scientific, aptitude and life skills through unique gamification of learning approach.

This approach is based on multiple research studies including by leading universities which have concluded that intrinsic learning is directly proportional to incentivised extrinsic parameters. This approach has garnered wide support from leading educational institutions and academicians.

Million Zaps is a platform which uses various mediums of delivery like text, images, audio and video to engage the users in a unique learning experience. This platform caters to a wide range of users from age 8 onwards and has been reported to have a positive impact on the users in terms of becoming more proficient in various attributes of life.

The participants are awarded zap points for answering questions on different topics which cover the core skills needed for success in life. The Zap Points earned can be redeemed against exciting rewards ranging from Laptops to Gaming Console, Bicycles to Roller Skates, Games to Toys, Chocolates to Treats and Books to Shopping Vouchers.

Though Million Zaps can be used by everyone, we have found that it is especially effective for students of Class IV and above.