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MillionZaps is the most exciting opportunity to happen for the learning industry. There are many learning and Test Prep platforms out there but what makes Million Zaps stand apart is the content and modus operandi. The content in Million Zaps do not try to teach but engages the user in a conversation with themselves. It intrigues, cultivates and extols the user to excel themselves. And to make it more exciting it incentivises the learning with interesting and varied rewards. The best part is there is no entry barrier or eligibility criteria; age or knowledge pre-requisite.

Million Zaps was born with the objective of spreading knowledge in a form that captivates the user and pushes them to thirst for more.

Million Zaps is a platform built by people who love to share knowledge, enthusiastic about making others happy through effective learning. If you share the same vision we have many opportunities for you.

Educational Institutions

If you want your students to thrive and dive in the knowledge that brings the best in them, then welcome aboard. We not only help in your students learning path but help you and your teachers to understand the learning map of each individual students and prepare an effective strategy for optimum performance in their regular curriculum.

Content Contributors

If you have it in you to explain the most complex of topics in a lucid way, if you want to break the entry barrier to learning then you are the right kind of person we are looking for. Join us today. We wish you all the best!

Business Partner

What better business opportunity than being benefitted for helping people learn. Become a partner in reaching out to the maximum learners and grow with us. Join us today. We will you all the best!

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